Privacy Policy

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Information gathering

Use of Personal Information

NKPKISAN website will use the personal information for these measures:

  •  Via customer signup
  •  Via Vendor signup

    Privacy policy on Emails and Phone Number Listing

    Any customer or user who will register with us via NKPKISAN website will share their emails and phone number for authentication of the individual for that purpose we will save those email addresses and Phone numbers to our database.

    Cookie Policy

    •  To authenticate the user that’s there are no cases of spamming
    •  To authenticate the vendors
    •  To collect the data and reach with various of customers
    •  To make sure there are no disputes regarding payments

      Security and Protection of Data

      •  Cookies are pieces of electronic information which will be sent by NKPKISAN when you use our web site. These will be placed in your computer's hard disk and enable us to recognise you as a user when you next visit.
      •  You can configure your browser so that it responds to cookies the way you deem fit. For example, you make want to accept all cookies, reject them all or get notified when a cookie is sent. Please check your browser’s settings to modify cookie behaviour as per your individual behaviour.
      •  Please note that if you disable the use of cookies on your web browser or remove or reject specific cookies from our website or linked sites then you may not be able to use the website as it is intended

        External Web Services

        •  NKPKISAN Foundation uses well-recognised and proven technology for payments. Payment information is transferred by the use of a safe and secureconnection which offers the highest degree of security that your browser is able to support.
        •  Several layers of built-in security, including an advanced firewall system, encryption of credit card numbers, and use of passwords, protect the collected information.

          Changes to Privacy Policy

          As and when the need arises, NKPKISAN may alter its privacy policy in accordance with the latest technology and trends. We strive to provide you with timely notice of these changes. You may reach out to us if you have any queries about any changes made to our practices.

          Contact Us

          If you have any questions at all about our privacy policy, kindly contact us via Phone numbers mention on the website.

          •  We use a number of external web services on our site to display content within our web pages. For example, to display video we use YouTube. As with the social buttons, we cannot prevent these sites, or external domains, from collecting information on your use of the content we embed on our site.
          •  The Site contains links to other websites for the benefit of its visitors. This Privacy Policy does not apply to such other websites. NKPKISAN is not expressly or impliedly responsible for, or liable to any loss or damage caused to you by the collection, use and retention of Personal Information by such website in any manner whatsoever. It is important that you review the privacy policies of all websites you visit before you disclose any information to such websites.